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Jan 1, 2013 6:00am EST
was part of an obama stimulus that was passed two years ago and then extended for another year. in this deal, they're going to let that payroll tax cut expire and that will mean that an additional $20 a week out of most workers paychecks will now go back to the social security trust fund instead of into their pockets. juror all right. thank you -- >> all right. thank you for that report. >>> one major issue is the bill does not address is the debt ceiling. monday, the u.s. reached its legal borrowing limit and now the treasury department must work to buy time until the end of next month. the department will suspend some investments and benefit funds for federal workers. still, department will not be able to pay all of the nation's bills on time. this could set stage for another capitol hill battle as congress must vote to raise the debt ceiling. >> new this morning, gay marriage ceremonies are under way in maryland. same-sex couples have been able to get marriage licenses in the free state for about three weeks but the new law didn't go into effect until the strike of midnight in t
Dec 31, 2012 6:00am EST
key issues such as creating an income threshold for raising taxes. president obama says gop leaders have rejected his proposals to make a comprehensive deal. republicans say they are willing to work together. so what does this mean for you? coming up in the next hour, we'll talk live with congressman jerry connelly and congressman phil roe for a closer look at the looming deadline. >>> still ahead this hour, secretary of state hillary clinton hospitalized. we'll have an update on her condition. we'll be right back. (vo) sometimes the big plan doesn't work. and the perfect life turns out to be not so perfect. you start fresh. new city. new job. new everything. it's exciting, and scary, at the same time. and some days you think, "i can't do this on my own." but then...i went to suntrust. they helped me figure things out. and before you know it, i am doing it... (anncr) at suntrust, helping people shine is what we do. join the thousands who are switching to suntrust's award-winning service. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton will spend the new year in a new york hospital so doctors
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am EST
and lawmakers have left d.c. for the holiday break. president obama is in hawaii but may return early to resume negotiations. taxes for all americans will go up if a deal is not reached by january 1st. the main sticking points are tax hikes and spending cuts. >>> we are learning more about the dui arrest of a u.s. senator. mike crawl crapo was pulled over in alexandria. an officer said he saw him run a red light. police say he registered a blood alcohol level of .11. the legal limit in virginia is .08. the senator was released on bond about four hours later. the senator released a statement sunday saying i am deeply sorry. i made a mistake for which i apologize to my family, my idaho constituents and any others who have put their trust in me. he is due in court january 4th. >>> heading home for the holidays. nasty weather out west makes the journey longer for some people. we will take a look at mother nature. ♪ because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. >>> church leaders in newton, connecticut are gettin
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3